Brand new Christmas Release!

Well well! Merry Christmas everyone.
2020 has been a crazy year. All kinds of stuff going on. As a musician, my 2 and 3 shows a week dwindled to less than 2 shows a month because of COVID-19. That's ok tho, because the Lord is still on His throne and I trust in Him to know what He is doing!
I was sitting on my couch on the morning of December 17th, pondering and wondering. Thinking about songs. When suddenly the Lord reminded me of this song I had written in the early 90s. Amazingly, the words came to me pretty quick, and I was able to remember them. So I videoed it, and put it on Facebook. (Is hould put that on here too. :)
Anyway, I decided to record it, and share it with all. So you can now download for free, this new song. It is a song about hope and joy, about keeping in our mind and focusing on the real reason for Christmas. That Star Over Bethlehem was the sign that led the wise men and the shepherds to that place where Jesus lay. The king and priest to all of us who believe upon him and the Gospel!
I hope you enjoy this song and it i a blessing to you! God Bless! and once again, Merry Christmas! (visit the jmusic page, or follow the link below )
(There Was A) Star Over Bethlehem - Free Download!

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