Getting back up to Speed & New project Planned!


What can I say except, Praise the Lord! I've been through a storm and come out on the other side by the grace of Father God. That storm was in the form of a triple bypass and two months now of recovery.

I am getting stronger every day and the Lord is healing my body. I discovered I have Diabeetus(Thank you Wilford Brimley) as well. So I had an ulcer removed from the pad on my right foot. It is completely healed, I was in an off-loading boot for a while, to keep weight off of it while it healed. Now I can go without the boot. It feels strange to walk on ALL of my foot, it's been over a year, since I started walking more on the left side of my ight foot, to keep it from hurting too bad. Thank the Lord, there is virtually no pain there now and my circulation is better since I started doing a dirty keto type diet. very low carb is the way to go. So there ya go! An update. I'm getting back in the swing of things.

Speaking of which. I go into the recording studio saturday to start a new full-size project. :) I have planned 14 songs at the moment. That amount may change as I continue planning. But I will go in tomorrow(Saturday 4/10) to start laying down music for the project I am calling "Unconditional Reality". Because our Father's love is unconditional and it isn't a religion, it's a reality. I'll be keeping you up to date on that as we continue.

What I can tell you about it, is that it isn't necessarily Bluegrass music. The Lord gave me several songs over the years that have a contemporary feel. I intend to keep some Bluegrass flavor in it, and possibly all acoustic at least. We shall see.

Thanks to all for your prayers and support. I hope you all are blessed in the name of the Lord Jesus!

Until next time...
Carl T.


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