Recording Update! 

Hi everyone! I am so excited to be working on two projects at the moment.
The first is a first for me. A Christian Rock type project which will have several originals on it. I am working on getting it all together and the first single, "Live Like Jesus" Is scheduled for release by May 30th!

The second is a "back to my roots kinda" project, featuring 14 songs, all but two are originals. The form of music I am playing is what I call "Positive Bluegrass". It is a lot of gospel and NO songs about murder or drinking or debauchery lol. Songs like my "Misty Mountain Morning" which many of you have heard on stage at live shows and old standards like "Baby Girl" that the Stanley Brothers recorded.
This project is called "Unconditional Reality", because it focuses on the unconditional love that Christ has for us. And it is not a religion, but a REALigion, and therefore a Reality, not some myth! Hence, Unconditional Reality. 
We are hoping the project will be done by the summer, and the first release will drop around Mid-June, more on that later.
For now, please enjoy the Live Like Jesus demo below, it ain't Bluegrass! But it's about the Lord Jesus and the life he gives us! Please like and comment and let us know what you think!

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