Announcing! The 2022 Songwriting Workshop!

Hi everyone!

I am so excited to announce this workshop. If you've ever wanted to write songs or have been wiritng for a while but don't know what to do next, this workshop is for you!!

Registration begins now!! It…

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Session II begins!

Hello folks,

Session two of the recording of "Unconditional Reality", begins today. So excited! I want to share with you so much what God is doing in this songs. Can't wait to show you.
I am up to14 songs on…

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Recording Update! 

Hi everyone! I am so excited to be working on two projects at the moment.
The first is a first for me. A Christian Rock type project which will have several originals on it. I am working on getting it…

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Humble Apologies and Welcome Back!

Hello to all my fans and supporters! Yes it really is me, returning to the dot com.

First I want to humbly apologize to all of you who signed up and got a free sticker. Those are still available and…

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New Stickers are in! Mailing out Monday!

Hello folks!The new stickers are in, if you have already signed up for the mailing list, yours will be on its way then.
If you haven't joined the mailing list, do it! You'll get the cool sticker and refeive…

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Merch Store under remodeling!

If you came to shop for merch. We apologize, the merch shop is undergoing a remodeling process. And will be up asap. With quality products at affordable prices!

Get This Free sticker!

Want this super cool sticker for your fridge or other location? It's free. All you have to do is join the mailing list! You'll receive an email once or twice per month updating you on the latest happenings with Carl…

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Dove Gear. Wear the Word. Share the Word.

Hi folks!

I wanted to share with you the purpose of Dove Gear!

Simply put. All proceeds received from any Dove Gear purchase goes to the Ministry to maintain the website and provide funds for ministry work we do in…

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Merch Store!

I am glad to open the store where you can buy merch, and CDs. There will be items added daily until complete. As well as different phrases and what not.
At the moment we have only the Logo merch. Purchase…

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The Message & The Word of Truth.

I have been teaching the Word of God for a long time, since 1996, when Father God set me on fire for learning His words, and I began understanding the scriptures like never before.
Wilderness Ministries was a ministry I…

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