Transition of all ministry content over to Wilderness Ministries.Net

Hello friends!
Back in 1994 I started a newsletter ministry. It was a short one or two page newsletter with some Bible teaching and current events stuff. I distributed to about 30 to 40 people. When I got back from overseas touring, the folks were waiting on something and I was working to get it back together.
It was then that the internet took off, and I found myself online and decided to take the newsletter to a new level by creating a website with just a few pages that was basically the newsletter in online form.
That grew as time progressed and the Lord led me into various branches of his purpose for me. eventually it became Wilderness Ministries, as the Lord revealed to me that the internet is today's wilderness and that so many are wandering it, lost, alone, and searching. I took to that wilderness with a message, and the Gospel. The website grew into several outreach programs, including an online radio station.
After several years I felt led to focus on music, and so I removed the website. Howver, the Lord is waking me back up into that ministry, as I get my music ministry in focus and so Wilderness ministries is back online.
I will be taking all the ministry section on this website to the new ministry website. 
The ministry link will now take you to Wilderness where you can see "the Word of Truth", and 'The Message" continuing and so much more!
Go check it out and let me know what you think about it!

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