Recording Updates!

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a great September so far! It's just hard to believe that we are this far into 2022 and only 3 months away from a new year. 

I wanted to touch base with my friends and fans as developments are happening here in Townshouse Studio where I do some of my projects. The Christmas bug has hit me again!! Yep! I know! Every year about this time I get the hankering to do a Christmas CD of sorts. It's something I've always wanted to do, make a complete project of Christmas songs. Some of my favorites. I mention this in a video update I shared on the Facebook page!

Well...lo and behold! "The Christmas Project" as I am calling it at the moment, is set to release on Black Friday! It will include the re-issue of 4 of the songs I have released over the years: Homemade Christmas, Holly Jolly Christmas, Away in a Manger, and Silent Night. These will be compiled onto the project along with 7 other newly recorded songs. "One Birth" is included on this CD as well, tho I had released it before, I am re-recording it completely, while the others are simply added into the compilation. 
Along with these 5, will be some classic favorites, a few with a twist. And a little partridge bird told that there may be a hidden track on this CD as an added bonus! :D


As for other recording news: Your Grace Is Sufficient is set to release at the first of next year. Yes a delay, but I think the timing is right. That single will drop in January, while the rest of the project will drop within the first few months. That is the plan. Lord willing, it will all come together.
God bless you all! Hope to see you on the Road soon!

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