The Message & The Word of Truth.

I have been teaching the Word of God for a long time, since 1996, when Father God set me on fire for learning His words, and I began understanding the scriptures like never before.
Wilderness Ministries was a ministry I had since that time in various forms. A website and several ministry programs were maintained for years. In 2018, I felt led to focus more on music ministry. But I so love to teach and so I share that here on my website in the Ministry section.
I have had The Word of Truth program for a long time as well, as long as the ministry has been active. There is also a Word of Truth Facebook group and I post chapter by chapter teachings of Father's Word. We are in the Gospel of Luke at this moment.

I also teach a topical subject in The Message. The Message used to be just an article posted on the ministry website years ago, now it, along with WoT are podcasts available on this website and on Pandora.
I thank the Lord for these opportunities to share his Word in song and in speech. And I hope it is a blessing to you! God Bless!

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