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Recording Update: New Year here we come! 

I am excited to announce that the new year is here, and along with the new year comes the new outlook.

I will be going into the studio on January 10th to begin recording songs for the new project: Unconditional Reality.
This CD will include 14 songs, mostly original, of gospel and positive grass. I am really looking forward to recording with Dale Perry in his studio, Red Roof Recording. 

For the coming year, we are booking heavily and look forward to seeing all of you out in the Grass!
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Year's End 

It's been a hard year for a lot of people.

I've had so many musical set-backs that I can't count them. But I know the Lord is with me, and it will all work out.

As the new year closes, I am adamant to continue the positive Bluegrass mission. With that said, I will be making a change to the structure of Upward Road and will be looking for musicians and singers to join me on the road at various venues. If you are a musician and would like an opportunity to pick some fun music, let me know.

Meanwhile, I wish…

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Schedule Changes 

Hey yall!

Hope all is well. We've made a couple of changes to our tour schedule for the remainder of the year and are getting more bookings for next year.

The Oct 22 events are cancelled, due to circumstances out of our control. We have added one to our schedule for next year. Look forward to going to the Mountain Opry on January 28th next year. Keep up to date! Bookmark the site and come back to keep up with what is happening.


Thanks! Carl

"Live At Liberty" will soon be live on all streaming servies! 

Hello fans and friends!
Great news as we acquire distribution into the streaming channels. You'll be able to hear all of Carl Towns Music on your favorite platform, such as, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and so many more very soon. Check out the Spotify "pre-save" page to get your Spot-ify ready to stream "Live At Liberty"!

Live At Liberty! New EP NOW AVAILABLE!! 


We recently played at Liberty Baptist Church in Trenton, Ga. and decided to share those performances with you in the form of an Extended Play CD. The "Live At Liberty" CD will contain 4 songs of our live performance at the church.

Look for this Ep on the Music page, you'll be able to download each song and/or order a CD.
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Superfans get more stuff! 

I now have a more simple subscription service. Instead of multi-tiers, this has only one!

The SUPERFAN gets all the goods. From new releases to video content and much more exclusive to subscribers. 
The subscription is only $5 per month and helps Carl and the ministry, supporting him and the continuation of recording expenses. Join now! As he shares content on for his Superfans!

Announcing! The 2022 Songwriting Workshop! 

Hi everyone!

I am so excited to announce this workshop. If you've ever wanted to write songs or have been wiritng for a while but don't know what to do next, this workshop is for you!!

Registration begins now!! It is a free workshop offering six classes in six weeks and covering from the basics of songwriting to how to copyright, publish and get your songs recorded.

This free workshop is open to all ages and all skill levels, so sign up now!

The workshop will be held on Saturdays starting August 6th, 2022…

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Get This Free sticker! 

Want this super cool sticker for your fridge or other location? It's free. All you have to do is join the mailing list! You'll receive an email once or twice per month updating you on the latest happenings with Carl Towns, his projects, website updates and more.
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Carl Towns is now Carl Towns & Upward Road! 

Carl is now Carl Towns & Upward Road!

Every artist has a name for those who make him sound good. Often those in the background who never gain recognition. Otherwise known as the "band". Carl has worked with some great musicians over the years and is forming his new band to perform "Positive Bluegrass". That's a contemporary bluegrass flavored music. With no murdering, drinking, killing or adultering songs. :D 

Carl Towns and Upward Road are now booking for this 2021 and 2022. Visit the Contact page to…

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Welcome to the new Website! 

Hello everyone! Wow, a new website!
Those who have stuck around know that it has been a while since I maintained a website. But here we are! And I am glad.
I am looking forward to sharing with you on this site. Please bookmark it and come back often. I will be posting about the Word of God and the music in my life, which He has given me! There will be exclusive content for subscribers and lots more as this website develops!

I hope you will be blessed or at least entertained by what you find here! Share and…

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