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Recording Updates! 

Hello everyone! Hope you are having a great September so far! It's just hard to believe that we are this far into 2022 and only 3 months away from a new year. 

I wanted to touch base with my friends and fans as developments are happening here in Townshouse Studio where I do some of my projects. The Christmas bug has hit me again!! Yep! I know! Every year about this time I get the hankering to do a Christmas CD of sorts. It's something I've always wanted to do, make a complete project of Christmas songs…

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"Live At Liberty" will soon be live on all streaming servies! 

Hello fans and friends!
Great news as we acquire distribution into the streaming channels. You'll be able to hear all of Carl Towns Music on your favorite platform, such as, Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and so many more very soon. Check out the Spotify "pre-save" page to get your Spot-ify ready to stream "Live At Liberty"!

Live At Liberty! New EP NOW AVAILABLE!! 


We recently played at Liberty Baptist Church in Trenton, Ga. and decided to share those performances with you in the form of an Extended Play CD. The "Live At Liberty" CD will contain 4 songs of our live performance at the church.

Look for this Ep on the Music page, you'll be able to download each song and/or order a CD.
Superfans get a discount and videos of the performance! Become a SUPERFAN, Subscribe Now!

Session II begins! 

Hello folks,

Session two of the recording of "Unconditional Reality", begins today. So excited! I want to share with you so much what God is doing in this songs. Can't wait to show you.
I am up to14 songs on this project, all of which are originals that the Lord gave me over the course of 30 years. Many of them pretty recent tho. There is only one that is not original and it will be a hint as to what the next project is about. 
The first single from this project will be, "He'll Never Give Up On You" and I…

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Recording Update!  

Hi everyone! I am so excited to be working on two projects at the moment.
The first is a first for me. A Christian Rock type project which will have several originals on it. I am working on getting it all together and the first single, "Live Like Jesus" Is scheduled for release by May 30th!

The second is a "back to my roots kinda" project, featuring 14 songs, all but two are originals. The form of music I am playing is what I call "Positive Bluegrass". It is a lot of gospel and NO songs about murder or…

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Getting back up to Speed & New project Planned! 


What can I say except, Praise the Lord! I've been through a storm and come out on the other side by the grace of Father God. That storm was in the form of a triple bypass and two months now of recovery.

I am getting stronger every day and the Lord is healing my body. I discovered I have Diabeetus(Thank you Wilford Brimley) as well. So I had an ulcer removed from the pad on my right foot. It is completely healed, I was in an off-loading boot for a while, to keep weight off of it while it healed. Now…

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Virtual 45 aka V45 Update 

The recordings are going well even tho, I had a little delay because I wanted to re-record There's A Storm Coming to make it better. "A World That Has No end" is the "b" side of this Virtual 45!
I am very thankful for Jimmy Redden and Tim Whitt for playing on the recordings with me. They lend their talents of Banjo and dobro respectively, very well. Excellent musicians and friends! It's definitely nice to have talented friends!

The recording part should be complete by the end of this week, 9/12/2020 and…

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