Power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you alway, even unto the end of the world.” - Jesus

— Matthew 28:18-20

"This is a declaration of my dependence.",  as Steven Curtis Chapman wrote in his song. My dependence on Jesus the Christ. The name above any other name. This is my real purpose. I love music, but if you take away the music, take away everything. But you can't take away the love that our Father God has for us. A love so strong adn pwoerful that He chose to give His Son as a living sacrifice, to make amends, to atone for the wrongs WE have done. When we should have been punished for our sins, God sent Jesus, the perfect Lamb of God, to pay, to redeem us unto himself. Through His blood, we have the washing of repentance. The price has been paid, all you have to do is receive it. Believe upon the Lord Jesus, believe that he died for you and was resurrected to defeat death's hold over you. Believe that He loves you, and wants you to come to him regardless of where you are right now.  On drugs? Involved in prostitution, drugs, homosexuality? Any of those things and all of those things is why he died for us. To bring us back home. It is Jesus who died for our sins. He has done the work, all you have to do is believe and confess.
Please stay here as long as you like. Learn of the Lord. I hope what you find here will edify you. That it will strenghten those who have already found Him, that oasis in the wilderness. And for those who are still wandering that wilderness, I hope that what you find here will guide you towards that Oasis and that you find rest for your soul. God Bless! - Carl T.

Eternal Thoughts

Ministry. Let's catch up! 

Hello everyone. This is my personal spiritual blog. Thoughts and ponderments on the Word and the Christian life.  I hope my ministry section of the new website will be a blessing to you. A place to learn, ask questions and fellowship with other believers.
I had a website dedicated to ministry for many years. It started way back in 1996. Under the name "The Lighthouse". This was basically, an online version of a newsletter I distributed to the Chattanooga, Tennessee area. 
That newsletter, faded out but the website remained and progressed into a larger site with studies and topical messages. Always bible-based and hopefully helping others along their way on the Upward Road. :) 
It eventually changed to Wilderness Ministries around 2008 when the Lord showed me tha the internet is the wilderness of today. And my ministry was web-based. Giving people from all over the world, access to hear the Gospel. We had a radio station outreach for a while, Wilderness Radio. It was able to go into restricted countries, hostile towards Christianity. (check out for more information on that topic.) 
It lasted until 2015 when, royalty payments where changed and became a problem for me and my "one-man operation". The Lord kept it going for a little while longer, but after a lot of prayer and frustration, I decided to no longer keep the 24/7 radio station going.

Wow this is a long blog. It is the first one and I want to tell you all my thoughts.

Anyway, a long story made a little shorter, here we are. I am adding archived studies and messages from that website from years ago. Along with new, messages and fresh video. Maybe even some live church services from our little church with the big heart in Trenton, Ga. where I am worship leader, Liberty Baptist Church.

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So keep checking back often, as I update and add. There is also the Basic Training section, where a new Christian can learn the fundamentals. And also "The Upward Road" section, for newly redeemed, a downloadable game plan for walking the Christian walk.

Jesus the Christ has been so faithful. He has brought me full circle. And I am so thankful. Please let me know your thoughts as we can interact here.

God Bless

Carl T.