WoT Podcast: The Gospel of Luke

Carl Towns

A chapter by chapter series of teachings of the Gospel of Luke. As shared each Friday on the Word of Truth.

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WoT Podcast - Luke 6:24-26 

We recap the Beatitudes and step into the Woes. The contrast between the blessings toward those who follow Christ and live for the Lord, and those who seek their own paths.

WoT Podcast - Luke 6:20-23 

We begin what is known as the Beatitudes, or the blessed teachings, as we continue in the Gospel of Luke.

WoT Podcast: Luke 6:6-19 

Continuing our verse by verse look in the Gospel of Luke. Jesus deals with the Pharisees once again and calls the apostles as He is ready to heal and teach the people.

WoT Podcast: Luke 5:33-6:5 

Jesus gives a parable to the Pharisees and scribes, then the questioning of the Pharisees and scripture lawyers continue concerning the Sabbath.

WoT Podcast: Luke 5:12-32 

We see Jesus continuing His ministry as he heals a leper and the paralyzed man who is let down through the roof.

WoT Podcast: Luke 4:23-5:11 

We see Jesus' respond to those who did not believe him a prophet but just "the son of that carpenter". He proceeds to heal, and cast out demons as he prepares his disciples for ministry

WoT Podcast: Luke 4:9-22 

We see the final tempation of Christ in the wilderness and learn the operation of temptations that the enemy uses to try to turn us against God. Jesus begins his ministry by quoting Isaiah 61:1-2 and proclaiming that it is…

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WoT Podcast: Luke 4:1-8 

After Jesus is baptized by John, he is led into the wilderness to be tried of the devil. The devil is about to get smacked up beside the head with the Word of God! Jesus teaches us how to deal…

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WoT Podcast: Luke 3:23-38 

We see the bloodline of Jesus the Christ. And how he fulfilled the law, making Him Priest and King through his mother's line of ancestors.

WoT Podcast: Luke 3:1-22 

We see John, the messenger, coming on the scene and introducing Jesus the Christ.