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Chapter by chapter study of God's word

The Word of Truth, or WoT for short is a look into the Word of God, the Bible as it was meant to be. Book by Book, Chapter by Chapter, Verse by Verse.

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WoT started as a text teaching on the Wilderness Ministries website, which flowed over into a Facebook Group. It was only after we started with Jeremiah, that it was decided by the memberrs of that group, that they preferred video or audio. So this format began in Jeremiah chapter 7. 
Before this, it was all written word.
Whether you watch, listen or read, I hope it is a blessing to you and that you will learn something. And perhaps can comment and teach us all something as well. Iron sharpeneth iron!

The WoT is now on Pandora!

The WoT is now on Pandora!

Current Podcast: Luke 5:12-32

WoT Podcast: The Gospel of Luke

Carl Towns

A chapter by chapter series of teachings of the Gospel of Luke. As shared each Friday on the Word of Truth.

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WoT Podcast: Luke 5:12-32 

We see Jesus continuing His ministry as he heals a leper and the paralyzed man who is let down through the roof.

WoT Podcast: Luke 4:23-5:11 

We see Jesus' respond to those who did not believe him a prophet but just "the son of that carpenter". He proceeds to heal, and cast out demons as he prepares his disciples for ministry

WoT Podcast: Luke 4:9-22 

We see the final tempation of Christ in the wilderness and learn the operation of temptations that the enemy uses to try to turn us against God. Jesus begins his ministry by quoting Isaiah 61:1-2 and proclaiming that it is…

WoT Podcast: Luke 4:1-8 

After Jesus is baptized by John, he is led into the wilderness to be tried of the devil. The devil is about to get smacked up beside the head with the Word of God! Jesus teaches us how to deal…

WoT Podcast: Luke 3:23-38 

We see the bloodline of Jesus the Christ. And how he fulfilled the law, making Him Priest and King through his mother's line of ancestors.

WoT Podcast: Luke 3:1-22 

We see John, the messenger, coming on the scene and introducing Jesus the Christ.

WoTPodcast - Luke Chapter 2:34ff 

We finish up chapter 2 of the Gospel of Luke as Hannah prophesies over Jesus and many years later, the 12 year old Jesus comes up missing.

WoTPodcast - Luke Chapter 2:8-33 

As we continue in Luke Chapter 2, we see the Lord appear to the shepherds announcing the arrival of our Lord, the promised Messiah and the keeping of the first covenant in circumcision of Yeshua.

WoTPodcast - Luke Chapter 1:57-2:7 

We see the miracle of John's birth and the opening of Zacharias' mouth to praise God and send forth the knowledge of the fulfillment of prophecy.

We get into chapter 2 for a little bit, concerning the birth of our…

WoTPodcast - Luke Chapter 1:26-56 

The Word of Truth Podcast continues in the Gospel of Luke. Learn about the time period of service of Zacharias in the temple. It gives us understanding into when John was conceived and therefore when Christ is conceived as we…

WoTPodcast - Luke Chapter 1:1-25 

We begin our journey into the Gospel of Luke!
The highlight of this chapter is the fulfillment of the Messenger who would come before Christ to prepare the way. That messenger is John and we begin by fixinf a date…


Our first and last podcast of 2020, is our very first audio only podcast!

Newness - As we are at the end of the year, I thought it appropriate to bring a message of newness. The new year will start…