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(There Was A) Star Over Bethlehem

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I wrote this song in the 90s and had forgotten about it, lost the lyrics long ago. The Lord reminded me of it recently on the morning of the 17th. With full recognition of the words. The Lord is so good!


The Wind blows cold this time of year,
We warm our spirits with a cup of cheer
Mistletoe hanging above the door,
Young and old know what it's for.
But we can't forget the reason why,
We celebrate this love during Christmas time.

There was a star over Bethlehem
And it shined so bright, that darkness could not stand,
There was a star over Bethlehem
The sign of God's love towards all men

Don't get wrong, cause I'm all for
This business of spreading the Christmas joy
I love to see the children's eyes open wide
When they see what Santa left them and wonder what's inside
But true Christmas Joy is from above
When God sent His son, He sent His love!