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There's A Storm coming.
A much awaited song, written by Carl Towns almost 20 years ago. For such a time as this!
The storm, is that flood that is a type of Noah's time. When antichrist will come. be prepared. Be ready. You have nothing to worry about because Father God is in control!


There's a storm coming on
I know it won't be long
When the sun, will hide its face.
A river of lies will cast many aside
From the comfort of amazing grace.

Seven seals are broken
Seven trumpets sound
Seven vials are opened
Thunder shakes the ground.

There's a storm coming soon
A raging typhoon
waters of deceit will reign
flooding the land
the downfall of man
by the father of lies they are slain

Some say Jesus will come in the night
Yet Paul wrote we would know
There is one who must first take his flight
Make them fly to catch their souls.

There's a storm moving in
the greatest of sins
satan will make himself known
he'll call himself god
walk the road Jesus trod
blind the sheep to make them his own.