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A World that has no end is a song written by Carl Towns. It is about these end times and how that all who abide in Christ, and endure things that may come upon them on the earth, will be rewarded with eternal life in heaven.


Dark clouds a'risin
Sure sign of rain
Thunderclap in my ear speaks His holy name
Storms on the Horizon
Like none have seen before
Troubles all around us
on sea, on land, and shore

Clouds gather in the sky
dark and filled with gloom
A rain of lies fall on the earth
to mark those who are doomed
Chosen ones who endure
and hold on to the end
A crown of life they will receive
in a world that has no end

I see darkness coming
A world filled with shame
Plagues descend upon the earth
and those who hate His name.
They will not repent until it's too late
They've been deceived by the false door
standing there in shame