The band began as Upward Road a few years ago, which included original members, Jimmy Redden, John Shook, Martin Adams, and of course, Carl Towns.

In January of 2021, Carl began experiencing chest pains and shortness of breath. By Feburary of that year, Carl had triple bypass, to reconstruct his heart. During recovery, the original band, went on hiatus as the situation changed for other members as well.
After Carl's complete recovery, he was able to continue what he knew was his mission: To sing songs about love, life and the love of God. He began working on his new project, "I'm Home" in late 2021, choosing and arranging songs which he had written years before. As the process continued, Carl decided to name the project, "Unconditional Reality", the name of a song he wrote and included on the project, about the Reality of God's unconditional love.
His passion for the spreading of God's forgiveness, comes from experience, and so his continuance of the band seemed the best route. Upward Road became his band name, after a song his friend Chester Prince wrote.
Expect to see Carl Towns & Upward Road at a venue near you. If we are not, tell the venue about us and we'll see you there!

Learn more about Carl and the members of the band, below.

Carl Towns

Mandolin * Vocals

David Clayton


Jamie Robinson

Dobro * Vocals

Ben Waddell

Guitar * Vocals

Matthew Milligan