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New Project in the works!

Unconditional Reality

Carl is glad to announce that he will be recording a new full project starting this week. The project is "Unconditional Reality", which refers to the real relationship with Father God and His unconditional love for all! 
There will be songs about the Father, worship and living the Christian life.
Some great musicians are lined up and it will be quite a difference in style, as Carl moves into a more contemporary style with an acoustic Bluegrass flavor.
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Available songs, albums and a little about Music...

Music is...

Faith. Family. Friend.

That image you see on the right, was only a few years ago. ;) Okay. More like 40 years ago. I was 15 or so and  was playing music with my family, The Bluegrass Harmoneers. We were together for over 15 years as a Bluegrass group, singing mostly Gospel. My dad Joe, on the banjo and singing baritone. My mother on guitar, singing tenor. Jack Ivey on Fiddle, singing bass and Jackie Tinker on guitar, singing most of the lead. 
Me? I was playing bass and singing every chance I got. There were a few changes over those 15+ years but we were always family. 
As time moved on, and stops for no one. family passes and times change. I moved on, not always to better or bigger things. But kept moving forward regardless. Music moved me into faith. It moved me to fellowship and friends. Some of those friends became more like family.
All in all, the Lord has truly blessed me. And I have always believed that music is a spiritual force. Whether for good or evil. It moves us. To tears. To anger. To love. Toward God and His Son Jesus the Christ.
It is truly a gift from God, given to us to share with all who will listen! When you listen to someone's music, you are listening to their soul!😊 So I hope you enjoy my music, my songs. 
The tracks below are some of the work I have done in the past and more will come. Some are Free. Others are for you to set a price, and if you can't afford it, no worries. $0.00 is also a price!! Tho some of the newer ones are set at a higher price. I don't plan on overcharging. Because, after all, Music is Ministry.

V45 - There's A Storm Coming / A World That Has No End

V45 - There's A Storm Coming / A World That has no End

Carl Towns

The V45 is a Virtual 45 record. In simile to the actual vinyl of those days, there are two songs, an A side and a B side, if you will. In the old days, the hit song was usually on the A side while a filler song was added to the B side.
We like to think that neither of these songs are worthy of a B side, and hope you enjoy them.

Both of these songs are free! Please share with your friends and family. Let them hear the Word in song.

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New Christmas Release: Star Over Bethlehem

(There Was A) Star Over Bethlehem

Carl Towns

A song about the wonderful star that lead wise men and shepherds to the new born King. The king and priest of those who will believe and receive the Love and peace and true joy of the Lord God!

"I wrote this song in the 90s and had forgotten about it, lost the lyrics I had written down somewhere over the years. On the morning of December 17th, I was thinking about songs to record, the Lord reminded me of this song with full recognition of the lyrics! Praise God! He is so good to His children! I hope you enjoy this song and are blessed!" - Carl Towns

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