David Clayton - Bass

Music has always been a part of David's life. He learned to play guitar by watching and following his dad, Jim.
In  high school David joined a Rock & Roll band that played the hits of the 70s from bands such as CCR and Bread.

 After that stint, he played a a family gospel group and some point got interested in Country music and began playing bass.
David became intersted in Bluegrass in 1989 and beganplaying with well-known regional group, Cole City Bluegrass. This group would latert chanage it's name to Cole City Bluegrass Gospel and go full gospel, having been influenced by groups such as, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver and The Primitives.
The group disbanded in 1998 and David began playing for his church's priase band.
He has played many types of music over the course of his 50+ years in music but now is happy to return the music he loves: Bluegrass Gospel!

We are so glad to welcome David into Upward Road, and look forward to praising the Lord and sharing the gospel in music with the addition of David's fine bass playing! Welcome David!