Jamie Robinson - Dobro

Growing up in a musical family from Winchester TN, I started playing at 9 years old. We played mostly older country and gospel tunes. Through the years I never felt like I had found “my instrument” until I picked up the dobro. Mike Auldridge and Brother Oswald in particular were my biggest inspirations. It was their particular sound that made me fall in love with the dobro. As I got older I started to lose my interest in playing music and went several years where I didn’t play any at all. After moving to Nashville I learned about the Station Inn and one Sunday I decided to go see what it was all about. I never really thought much about playing bluegrass until that night. I loved the music but I loved the people more. The bluegrass world gave me a second family. My goal with music is to give somebody else that same feeling and inspiration that I was given.
We are excited to welcome Jamie to the band with his tremendous singing and musicianship! Welcome aboard, Jamie!